Why Microsoft Has Given Businesses the Bad End of the Stick with Windows 8

To put it lightly, Windows 8 has been a disaster for Microsoft. There are many reasons why the new operating system has been tagged a failure. However, one of the biggest is that Microsoft basically gave one of its most long running and loyal customer bases, businesses, the finger with the release of this OS.

Conceptually, what Windows 8 was trying to achieve is easy to understand. Instead of having one operating system for tablets and smart phones and a separate one for PCs and laptops, both designs were merged into one OS. Unfortunately for those that don't own "fondle wear," the obvious preference was given to tablets and smart phones.

Windows 8 is extremely difficult to navigate with a keyboard and mouse. Unfortunately, most businesses still employ those very functional devices. Even worse, opening and operating business centric programs like Excel, PowerPoint and Word is very difficult.

Windows 8 has been described as many as being an OS designed for playing movies and games. Obviously, that's what most people use tablets and smart phones for. It is not an OS designed for getting work done in an efficient manner. Hopefully, Microsoft learns from its mistakes and produces a more business friendly version of Windows in the near future.

How to Correctly Add Printers to Your Company’s Employee Wi-Fi Network

Buying a printer for your company is a wonderful way to make things easier for your workers. Many companies require a printer to be able to print out everything that they need for their own clients. Because of this, you want a printer that is going to be able to handle all of this use. You want something that can handle large loads and a lot of projects all at once. You will notice that this makes things a lot more efficient for both you and the entirety of your company as well when workers are using this gadget.

Buying a brand new printer also means that you want to hook it up to your office WiFi network so that you can quickly print things from the Internet. The other reason you want to hook the printer up to your wireless network is so that you are able to fax things back and forth to clients or other companies you are working with at the time. This is going to make your life a lot easier because you will find that it takes away from having to use different types of gadgets and just be able to use this one.

Setting Up a Wi-Fi Network in Your Office Without an IT Professional

Believe it or not, you can set up your own Wi-Fi network for the office without the help of an IT professional. There are not many things that one should do in the realm of technology without the help of an IT professional, but setting up a Wi-Fi network does not have to be one of those things.

Wi-Fi is such a common thing these days that people are able to work these systems themselves for the most part. That is to say that people are capable of putting up the system that they need throughout the office.

The Wi-Fi systems that are sold today are sold with instructions already in them. Those who need to get these set up do not have to wait around for someone who is capable of doing IT work to come around in order to set up the system that they require.

It is important for an office of any size to purchase more than one access point for their Wi-Fi. This is to ensure that they receive equal coverage no matter where someone is in the office. They can look around and see that they are able to stay connected no matter what. That is what is really necessary at this point in the modern economy.

Should You Invest in Stand Alone Servers for Your Company?

Servers for your business are highly important. You are going to have many computers all hooked up to the same Internet connection. Having a variety of servers to help with all of this traffic is important. No one can keep up with the amount of Internet traffic that an office generates if they do not have a stand alone server. The stand alone server is the way to go for any office of any size.

When one is using a stand alone server, they are saying that they know that they are going to have a lot of traffic going to the Internet, and they are also showing their employees that they care about the quality of the work that they do.The whole story can be found at http://alexwillscorp.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/anonymity-of-proxy-anonymity-of-proxy-learn-it-inside-out/

Sure, buying multiple stand alone servers is expensive in some cases, but having fast access to the Internet is more important than the cost of getting the servers. It is important to look at the possibility of getting plenty of stand alone servers to use throughout the entire office. You never know when you are going to need to provide even more access to the Internet for your employees. It really could be at any given time, so get those servers.

Four Printers You Should Consider for Your Office and Four You Should Not

Buying a printer is a big step in improving the way that your whole office works and functions. The printer is going to help your workers tremendously so that they are able to print out projects and papers with ease. Because of all these reasons, you really want to do your research when choosing a high quality printer that is going to be able to handle daily use like this. When you are in the market for a new printer, the best thing you can do would be to compare models and read other reviews on the Internet.

Look at model specifications to see which printer is going to be the best option for you. From there, you will be able to easily handle any and all of the projects that you happen to have. This is just one of those reasons why a lot of people are switching out their old printers for newer ones that are able to handle more. You will notice that a brand new printer is able to get projects done a lot quicker when you are able to begin using them after having them installed into the network by one of the professional companies.